7 thoughts on “Council to Hear About Changes to Filippello Park, Including Dog Park

  1. Just a clarification, there are no plans to put parallel parking on Grove Street. The parallel parking will hopefully be located on the new access road.

  2. It appears that we do not have enough parking to accommodate the expansion.
    Where might folks park and will the parking be available after hours?

  3. How much money was raised through donations? I expect it was $0. I donated to the Victory Field as did many of my friends. We were later told that the $300k we raised wasn’t enough. Why do we have to raise/donate money to renovate athletic fields for our kids to use, but dogs get a free park? Seems like our Town Council has things backwards.

  4. Gary, what we heard last night at the Council meeting is that the dog park component is eligible for a grant of $250,000 plus $25,000 possible additional – and that is just one source. Throughout the last 5 years (at least), the members of the Watertown Dog Park Task Force have repeatedly cited grants for dog parks that would help with costs, so I think the actual costs to the town for the dog park section of this project will be quite low.

    If I recall correctly, relative to the costs of Victory Field phase 1, $300,000 in private fundraising was low compared to what was expected ($1.5 million) when the project was committed to. But the town covered that shortfall in fundraising anyway, borrowing a total of $3 million and Victory Field was renovated. I believe that Victory Field phase 2 is wisely (given the experience with phase1) not relying on any fundraising to cover the costs – In both cases, the kids are still getting very nice parks anyway – so I think the town does in fact have its priorities in good order.

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