Watertown Fire Department Douses Three Fires in Three Days

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Watertown Fire Truck

Watertown Firefighters tackled three house fires in three days, dousing all before major damage could be done. 

The first fire occurred on Saturday, July 16. The Fire Department received a call around 9:55 p.m that there was a fire at a Mason Road home.

Smoke was seen coming from the front porch of the home, and firefighters extinguished the flames before they could do more damage.

Watertown Fire Inspector Capt. Ryan Nicholson said the cause of the fire was electrical wiring.

Fire at the Village Condos

On Sunday, July 17, a fire was reported when smoke was seen coming out of the front door of the condominium at the Village Condominiums on Belmont Street.

A man, his teenage daughter and a dog were home at the time. The father tried to put out the fire, which started in the daughter’s room, Nicholson said, but could not do so with the home extinguisher. They all got out safely.

Watertown Firefighters arrived and a second alarm was called.

“It was great stop. The fire was next to a fire wall, but the attics on the building are all common,” Nicholson said. “They made the stop before it could spread.”

Damage was contained to the room, but it the damage was extensive from the flames, smoke and water. The condo was not inhabitable after the incident, Nicholson said.

The cause of the fire appears to be candle left burning, Nicholson said.

Second Porch Fire

On Monday, July 18, a fire started on a front porch of a home on Morton Street and spread to the front lawn, Nicholson said.

“Mulch in a flower pot caught fire and melted the plastic pot,” Nicholson said.

The pot burned through the porch floor and then fell on to the lawn which caught fire, burning about 200 square feet.

Firefighters were able to put out the fire before it spread to the house.

One person was home at the time, but was not injured.

5 thoughts on “Watertown Fire Department Douses Three Fires in Three Days

  1. Good stop at the Village Condos where I live. Bad news is he gets fined big time. No dogs allowed and it is splashed all over the newspapers.

      • Under the American Disabilities Act (Federal Law), a service dog is allowed anywhere, except the “operating room”. Churches, stores, restaurants, housing, hospitals, cabs, buses, trains, planes. If someone falls under a “disability diagnosis, they may require a service dog.

  2. The town needs to take a close look at the dog population in this town, it seems most people who own dogs have more than one, if fact many are at the three dog limit. The barking in some neighborhoods is very annoying, also people allow their dogs to do their business on private property because of the long leashes, that is illegal. The town needs to do more to educate dog owners.

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