NBC Offering Live Descriptions of Rio Olympics for the Blind

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This year’s Summer Olympics will be easier for the visually impaired to enjoy as the broadcasts will be available with detailed audio descriptions of the action. 

Kim Charlson, director of the Perkins School for the Blind‘s Library, sent out information about how to access the video description. The descriptions are available for Xfinity Comcast subscribers who have SAP available devices.

Go to the cable Audio settings, hit SAP language and select Video Description.

NBC will have the video description on its primetime coverage of the Rio Olympics. Xfinity customers will also be able view the Opening and Closing ceremonies on demand with the descriptions the day after they air.

The opening ceremonies being Friday, Aug. 5 and the games run through Sunday, Aug. 21.

For information about how to set up your television, visit the American Council of the Blind Audio Description website at www.acb.org/adp.

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