5 thoughts on “Supporters Come Out to Praise Superintendent, But Some Parents Still Dissatisfied

  1. It is awful that a director from Watertown schools that was sitting in back of the presenters repeatedly was rolling her eyes when parents spoke out at the school board yesterday. Is this the type of behavior that is condoned from administration. Several times looking disgusted as parents voiced their concerns to an elected board. It says a lot about how far parent feedback and opinion goes with administration. Now I get why the town is in this boat. Wow.

    • Sadly the person you are referring to making faces throughout the video is Dr. Barbara Gortych. She is head of behavioral services and (I think) is in charge of guidance and anti bullying efforts. Many people know that the superintendent forced staff to attend the meeting. Very sad.

  2. Dr Fitgeralds remarks about overcrowding are quite off. There was a meeting in August then one in end Jan 2016 which the overcrowding issue was at a high for Cunniff. Nothing was done until parents came out in Aprril 2016 to Complain that their kids were still floating without a classroom Then in mid may letters to pre-k and k preschool parents telling them in email with no explanation that they were moving schools, parents complain(rightly so) she changed the plan so it affected another group so those parents complained so she scrapped the whole solution. No forthought communication or solution. She also implies that work has been done on this issue over the
    Past years but is speaking about Soi for new high school which doesn’t help the overcrowding in the elementary schools! The interesting part is that many are Viilifing both Candsce Miller,the one school committee member who actually communicates and the parents with legitimate concerns! Who exactly is on a witch hunt as it look like many in the audience were! What about the loss of many admins and great teachers? What happened to our asst super Dari Dinovan who was let go? To leave and then back somewhere at Philips later.?But not the asst? What happened to the budget mgr in fall 2013 and then she did not hire a new budget Mgr. which left the admin struggling and scrabbling to get a budget together ( thank goodness for Watertown Strong Schools that year or not much funding would have come from that budget and presentation!) How are our students fairing now as they have and continue to struggle in Ela? These are all legitimate questions and lead many to question the leadership of Dr Fitzgrald and many on the School committe. They ( school committee ) have been asleep at the wheel to leave the helm adrift.

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