Celebrate the New Charles River Path, Park & Join a Guided Walk or Bike Ride

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Watertown Moves Charles River CelebrationCome out to see the improved Charles River Path, the new park along the river, and join in a guided walk or bike ride around the area or just enjoy the park and play some games. 

The event will be on Sunday, Oct. 2, from 10 a.m. t0 1 p.m., and is part of Watertown Moves. The event is sponsored by Live Well Watertown and the Watertown Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, and co-sponsored by Livable Watertown.

The activities will be held a the newly refurbished Watertown Riverfront Park, featuring the Braille Trail, on Charles River Road at Irving Street (see the map below).

Knucklebones will be at the park to facilitate games and group activities. Also, you can join in the scavenger hunt for information about the Charles River.

At 10:30 p.m., two guided tours will leave from the Riverfront Park. First is a guided bicycle ride along the path around the Charles River. The 3-mile ride will be led by an official from the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), and will go on both sides of the river before circling back to the park.

At the same time, a guided walk will explore the current paths in the area and look at the Arsenal Park Connector – a proposed path that will connect the Charles River Path with the Community Path that goes behind the Watertown Mall, and eventually will hook up with the path around Fresh Pond and beyond to the Minuteman Path.

The walk will go past the Commander’s Mansion, athenahealth, the Arsenal Project, and Arsenal Park, which sits between the two properties. The hour long walk, including stops, will be guided by Nidhi Gulati of LivableStreets and Watertown Senior Town Planner Gideon Schreiber. Representatives from athenahealth and Boylston Properties (owners of the Arsenal Mall) will be on hand, too.

Maps are also available for self-guided walks.

The route of the guided walk at Sunday's Watertown Moves event which goes along the river and in the area of the proposed Arsenal Park connector.

The route of the guided walk at Sunday’s Watertown Moves event which goes along the river and in the area of the proposed Arsenal Park connector.

If your bicycle needs a tuneup before the ride, or if you just want to get it working better, come down to the free bike tune-up station and learn how to maintain your bike from members of CommonWheels.

There will be prizes and give aways for walk and bike tour participants. Snacks and water will be available at the Riverfront Park.

The event was made possible by donations from the Solomon Foundation, a Waterfront Mini-Grant from the Watertown Community Foundation and the Pleasant Street Stop & Shop.

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