LETTER: Governor’s Councilor Thanks Her Supporters in Recent Election


A heartfelt “Thank You” to all who voted for me, supported me in any way, for saying a kind word along the way. Thursday, Sept. 8 election was most hurtful with one opponent sending egregious mailings. I am proud of the honest, civil campaign I conducted. I run a grass-roots campaign. Because of the larger than a congressional district I represent – it requires me to secure a personal loan to reach out to voters in my district (32 towns and cities from Ayer to Back Bay).

As many people do not know what the Governor’s Council does, I try to educate people of the duties mandated by Massachusetts Constitution. We vote on judges, clerk magistrates, members of the Parole Board, Appellate Tax Board, Industrial Accident Board, Industrial Accident Advisory Board, Commutations, Pardons, Justice of the Peace, Notaries, State Administrators, and the weekly state warrant of all expenditures incurred.

Confusing – the second Governor’s Councillor candidate (although running for council) campaigned on State Representative issues: “fight for prison reform, health issues, privacy issues, etc.” The Governor’s Council does not vote on issues – only legislators do.

I am proud of my voting record representing you – not the Governor. I recently voted for three outstanding nominees for Supreme Judicial Court- Judges Bud, Gaziano and Lowy. When they came before me for Superior Court over a decade ago, they had the shoe bomber, brutal rapes and murder cases – well qualified then and now – with demeanor and temperament you expect and deserve in a judge.
I am the only full-time councillor – only councillor who meets with every nominee as part of my investigation. The council has no staff. I do not accept travel expenses because people I represent do not get paid to drive to work. I have 100% attendance – Council hearings can run 2-3 days – most average 4-6 hours. There are as many in July as in December. Council has no vacation.

The Governor’s Council is the only elected body which is the checks and balances for the Governor.

I promised I would reform the Governor’s Council and kept my pledge to you. Just to name a few – stopped past practice of Councillors accepting political contributions from nominees they vote on (through Governors’ executive orders right up to Governor Baker); prohibited from giving monies to Governor’s Councillors, sitting Governor and Lieutenant Governor upon applying.

I made reforms on the Parole Board which had consisted of all prosecutors – not in compliance for 30 years. Now we have an expert member who identifies inmates mental and psychological issues and learning disabilities, etc. to prepare them for successful reentry to society – established first public Governor’s Council website listing the eight councillors and districts, commissions and boards voted on and recent nominees appointed by the Governor with dates of their public Council hearing.

I am honored by the outstanding people who endorse me – a partial list includes – Congressman Capuano, Congressman Mc Govern, Congressman Lynch, Mayor Setti Warren, Sheriff Koutoujian, unanimous vote of the members of the Bay State Stonewall Democrats, Boston Democratic Ward 21 and 22 Committees, NAGE, legislators, mayors, city councillors, selectmen, etc.

I am most honored to receive your endorsement. I respectfully ask for your support to continue to work for you. Thank you again.


Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney

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