Police Log: Woman Spits on Police Officers, Dunkin’ Donuts App Foils Thief

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Watertown Police Patch

The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department.


Nov. 22, 11 p.m.: Police stopped to speak with a woman standing outside of 7-Eleven in Coolidge Square and a clerk from the store came out to tell the officers that the woman had stolen items from the store earlier that day. At that point, the woman became irate, and yelled and spat at both officers. They found she had taken $39.97 in merchandise. Police looked at the woman’s record and found she had a warrant for her arrest. The 43-year-old Cambridge woman was arrested on two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, shoplifting and the warrant from Waltham District Court assault and battery and vandalism.


Nov. 21, 10 a.m.: A woman parked her Nissan Murano at the Metro Mini Mart on Main Street and came back and it was gone. The vehicle was driven away by an unknown woman, and the owner did not know exactly what time it was taken.

Nov. 21, 7 p.m.: A Palfrey Street resident realized someone had broken into her car when she found a blue backpack on the front passenger seat that did not belong to her or anyone she knows. There were no signs of forced entry and nothing was missing from the car.

Nov. 23, 11:45 a.m.: A man came into the Police Station to report that the previous day he was stopped at a light on Mt. Auburn Street at School Street when a man came up to his vehicle, began yelling at him, challenged him to a fight and spat on him. Then the man returned to his vehicle and drove away. The man reporting the incident got the license plate and police tracked down the driver, who admitted to yelling at the man and challenging him to a fight, but denied spitting on him. He said he was irritated by the way the other man had been driving. The man who reported the incident did not seek to press charges.

Nov. 24, 10:50 a.m.: A man reported his wallet was missing after he went to Dunkin’ Donuts on Main Street. He realized it was gone two hours later, and when he returned it had not been turned in. The store manager looked at security video and saw a man pick up the wallet, and then went inside the Dunkin Donuts and picked up his Dunkin’ On the Go order. Police were able to identify the man by matching the credit card used on the Dunkin’ On the Go app, and the man’s driver’s license photo matched the person on the video. Police went to the man’s home and he admitted to taking the wallet. The 35-year-old Watertown man was summonsed to Waltham District Court for larceny under $250.

Nov. 25, 8:45 a.m.: The stair trainer equipment at Moxley Field was vandalized by someone who ripped off some of the decals and other markings from the sides of the equipment.

Nov. 25, 2 p.m.: A man took an Amazon tablet out of its box at Target and began to use it. Then he took a second tablet and placed it in his jacket, along with a pair of Beats by Dre headphones. He was stopped with $193 in merchandise. The total would have been $334, but the items were discounted for Black Friday. The 35-year-old Cambridge man was summonsed to Waltham District Court for shoplifting over $100.

Nov. 26, 1 p.m: A man was seen taking food off the shelves and put it in his pocket while at the Watertown Street Stop & Shop. He walked out of the store and was stopped. When the employees realized it was only a package of cookies, they decided to only trespass the 67-year-old Watertown man from the store and did not press charges.

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