Find Out About the ‘Road Diet’ Proposed for Mt. Auburn Street

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On Thursday, Dec. 8, the Department of Public Works will discuss proposed changes to Mt. Auburn Street, including the Road Diet. 

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the Watertown Free Public Library, 123 Main St., in Watertown, and will focus on the stretch between Patten Street and School Street.

In the meeting announcement, the DPW said the project will information on how:

The proposed “road diet” will enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety, while also maintaining smooth vehicular flow on Mount Auburn Street.

Upgrades at the Irving Street, Common Street, Walnut Street signalized intersections will accommodate new pedestrian and bicycle features.

Better placed pedestrian crossings near the Hosmer School can improve pedestrian visibility and safety.

Plans for preserving parking spaces and providing better access at bus stops.

For more information, contact: Matt Shuman ( at 617-972-6420.

One thought on “Find Out About the ‘Road Diet’ Proposed for Mt. Auburn Street

  1. Awesome since trapello and arsenal now resemble a mad max movie during rush hour. 1 lane becomes 2.. then 1. Watch out a massive island of trees taking up half the road with curbs and dukes of hazard style speed bumps , err raised tables, err death traps especially to motorcyclist.. hey im parked on arsenal .. due to traffic i cant exit my door with the 15ft side walk extension.. and for some reason cars are lining up behind me thinking im in traffic…

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