4 thoughts on “Patriots Day Filmmakers Wanted to ‘Get it Right’ for Survivors, First Responders

  1. As a reporter for WBUR I was on Boylston St 20 minutes after the bombing, I continued to report from downtown the next 4 day and was on Mt Auburn & Franklin st @ 1:10 am on 4/19 minutes after the shoot out. I continue to investigate What happened and have many questions but I’ll ask just one here: why did the brothers come to Watertown that night?

    • That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer, but I believe they had some familiarity with Watertown. I remember reading that the older brother had a friend who lived on Boylston St. and that he and other friends used to hang out at his house frequently. They hadn’t been in touch in a while, I think several years, but it at least indicates some familiarity with the town.

      • The day before the bombing the bombings tamerlan bought 2 backpacks at Target in Watertown yet there was a target just a few blocks from his apt in cambridge and only 1 of the backpacks was used in the bombings. I know about his friend on Boylston. He was living there the night of the shootout. Tamerlan seems to have been know by others in town. And he certainly knew his way around the web of streets in that area.

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