4 thoughts on “Planning Board Approves Master Plan for Renovating Arsenal Mall

  1. Wondering if a 12 story apartment complex will shade the park….and hope a shade study will be done when that proposal is considered. Traffic will be horrific if the only fixes are updating or adding more traffic lights. Traffic lights at intersections generate more pollution and angry delayed drivers, and won’t increase pedestrial or bicycle safety much. I’ve read, and experienced, that roundabouts (a better design than traffic circles/rotaries…yes there’s a difference….) are safer for cars, trucks, bikes and pedestrians, and keep air cleaner because cars aren’t stopped idling and then starting up again. Perhaps these should be considered?

  2. Hi Charlie, I wasn’t “worried that the mall would take up more town resources”. I wanted to make the point that there would be additional expenses to the City due to this development. So far, I’ve really only heard talk about additional taxes, fees paid by the developer, and mitigation by the developer. There has been no mention of the costs this project will generate for the City. This doesn’t paint a clear picture as to what the real benefit to the City will be. This project will be increasing our population and adding significantly to its retail space as well. And, if we are to maintain our current levels of service, this will require additional services from the City, “including police, fire, public works and schools”, which will increase our expenses.

  3. Yes Rena you are correct. If there is a 12 story(was it 120-135 ft) building next to the park it will indeed create a shade for the AM hours in the summer. A shadow study should be on done(and done quite easily as this is just geometry really after you know the suns angles at longitude/lat at specific times of day and year). Generally though am since the park is west of the (possibly just south or north West depending where they actually place it) park area. There is currently some gardens there plus a committee is suppose to be put together to discuss any changes(community input!). There is great demand for playing fields/garden space and other recreation in town so that this may be a good opportunity for a well overdue facelift/fix of this park. It will be a shame to have 1/2 the park with a very long AM shadow though!

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