7 thoughts on “Watertown Fire Department Rolls Out Paramedic Services for the First Time

  1. That’s my Brother, Anthony Caruso. The most dedicated FF and medic around. Watertown is very lucky to have his addition to their team. No doubt, this will make a huge impact on the community. God bless him and Medic 1 and all the FF’s who serve.

  2. Why did we hire paramedics from other towns or private services instead of giving Watertown firefighters the advanced training they need to become paramedics?

    • The short story is time and money (a lot of both). There are currently two FF’s enrolled in a training program, but will not be finishing for months. If the Department sent the number of FF’s required to start the program up, it would have taken many additional years.

  3. I do know, from tonite, that they will only take you to one of the two closest hospitals, where you will then need to be transferred to city hospital. In a second ambulance.

    When a person in Watertown is a patient at MGH, it shouldn’t be a choice between Mt Auburn and Somerville Hospitals if the emts are trained to support them on the short route to the hospital they are asked to go to. By the spouse of the compromised individual.

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