2 thoughts on “Watertown’s Koufos Grabs 3rd at Divisional Track Meet, 3 Relays Place

  1. Hi! It’s Emily Koufos. Thanks for the awesome article. Do you have anymore pictures of me? If so would you be able to email them to me?

    • KUDOS for your achievements. It is such a pleasant news to learn that a Watertown student has a special relation with running. And since I guess your family name has a Greek origin I would write my appreciation for the manner Greece and the Greeks gave the world the marathon. It was then in 1896 when the first winner, Spyridon Louis, motivated the exuberance of the Greek people and propelled the marathon to a global level, hence the start of the Boston Marathon the following year. Now I grew to understand that running a marathon (literally or figuratively) is on one’s dreams’ list. I wish you win all your life’s marathons!!!

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