Watertown Schools Release Statement on Respecting Diversity

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In light of recent discussions at the Federal level about travel bans from certain countries and immigrations, School Committee Chairman John Portz and Interim Superintendent John Brackett released a “Statement on Respecting Diversity.”

The statement reads:

In Watertown, we celebrate our diversity. As a school system, we are committed to protecting the right of all students and educators to participate in our learning community. Recent events at the national level regarding travel restrictions and related actions prompt us to reiterate and reassure that Watertown Public Schools is an open, welcoming, and inclusive place to learn and work. Debates in national policy continue, but we are committed to providing a safe, learning environment for all students. The Watertown Public Schools is here to serve, not to judge or exclude. We treat all students with respect, have high expectations for all, want parents to be our partners, and expect students, educators, and parents to respect the unique qualities that characterize each of us. Together, we build and support a diverse and respectful community.

One thought on “Watertown Schools Release Statement on Respecting Diversity

  1. Thank you! Your comments from our schools reflect the welcome and commitment of our residents and the Town of Watertown, too.

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