4 thoughts on “Consultant to be Hired to Plan for Renovation of Watertown’s Schools

  1. This is great! Yes, we need a seasoned consultant to take a full view of all our schools and the overall situation. Moving forward!

  2. How long will it take to form this new committee?
    What if it takes 2 and a half years though to form this committee? Remember it’s been almost 2 and a half years for the ad hoc committee for Victory Field to meet.
    Why did it take so long to form the ad hoc committee?
    When will it meet? (i.e. how soon is “soon”)?
    Will turf and lights and everything be on the table considering the massive overcrowding on our playing fields evidenced this fall?
    Why hasn’t the School Committee’s Athletic Subcommittee met to discuss?
    Why doesn’t the school committee advocate for student athletes – this is a common practice in other towns??

  3. Yes, a consultant to review the entire school system and its future needs, school buildings, families, and other priorities. We need a Transportation Planning Consultant for Watertown for the same reasons: to look at the entire transportation and traffic situation now, look ahead for our future needs, and determine what new streets, traffic improvements, community paths, public transit priorities, and pedestrian enhancements will be needed to help us move into the new world. There will be more residents, new developments, larger populations traversing through Watertown, encouragement of public instead of private transit, and whatever a specialist will see that could make our living experience better. It is time that specialist consultants be brought in for their high level and exclusive expertise. The school system is a great starting point. Transportation/traffic/pedestrian advancement is long, long overdue–though promised and funded in part by our Council. We sometimes lose track of the idea that broad range, integrated planning must come before zoning and particular corridor plans. Barbara Ruskin

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