Local Groups to Hold Rally to Support Immigrants, Refugees in Watertown

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Several Watertown groups will be hosting vigil and community forum supporting immigrants and refugees in town this weekend.

Organizers sent out the following announcement:

Please join us for a very special event on Sunday, February 26. Watertown Welcomes Immigrants is a community event to demonstrate support for immigrants and refugees living in Watertown.

There will be a Vigil from 3:00-3:45 p.m. in Watertown Square. Please bring signs that express your support for immigrants and refugees in Watertown, in Massachusetts and in the country. Please bring a sign that expresses your support for immigrants and refugees.

We will walk to Grace Vision Church at 80 Mt. Auburn Street where there will be a Community Forum beginning at 4 p.m. The program will include welcoming messages from local and state elected officials, the latest news from Washington and its implications for immigrants, a presentation the Sanctuary City movement and efforts to pass the Massachusetts Safe Communities Act, and stories from immigrants. We will hear from a Watertown school teacher about the need to support students from immigrant families. The program will end with a presentation tying the Trump attacks on immigrants to the Administration’s attacks on education, healthcare, the environment, and more.

Watertown Welcomes Immigrants is sponsored by Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice, and the Environment, First Parish of Watertown, Progressive Watertown, World in Watertown, Belmont/Watertown United Methodist Church and Watertown Democratic Town Committee.

8 thoughts on “Local Groups to Hold Rally to Support Immigrants, Refugees in Watertown

  1. Wrong Headline Charlie… this event is not to support Immigrants… Immigrants are those people who enter and reside here LEGALLY !

    This is an event in support of ILLEGAL ALIENS… people who have come here or are here illegally…. They aren’t immigrants , they are invaders

      • When you enter a country illegally you are not migrating you are invading a sovereign country… you are not an immigrant you are an illegal alien.

        • John for the most part these are people who are looking for work that native Americans are no longer willing to do and that American employers are quite willing to hire them to do. Calling them invaders is an example of the overheated rhetoric that is damaging our democracy at the moment.

          An invasion is generally held to be an armed attempt at occupation or theft, as in Invasion of Normandy, or home invasion. Since undocumented workers are rarely armed, I think that your choice of words is bogus.

    • Absolutely. As someone who came her from Mexico legally, I think this is disgusting. How many people have waited and still waiting to enter our country legally and may be put on hold do the the illegals taking a space, that those who are going through proper channels could have. You folks born here are ignorant. You have NO IDEA what we folks had to go through to be here legally. It’s a slap to the face to anyone who waited years and years to be approved to enter and live in the USA and a slap to the face to those folks still waiting in line.

      • the reality is that is not only about the so called illegals because there are a lot of other people affected. i.e. the latest shootings of the Indian men one of which is no longer alive! so if you look at it as a manifestation of community, may be able to understand that case by case judgment is better than all are the same. crime will never stop just because there is a waiting line….

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