2 thoughts on “Pickup Truck Knocks Down Utility Pole, Knocks Out Power to Hundreds

  1. PHILIP Darch Rd is heavily populated with many children. Cars use this street as a cut through to Lexington St. I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. My house was directly in front of the crash and we thought it was explosion. If this happened when children were walking to school there most certainly would have been injuries.

    • I have witnessed multiple vehicles speed down this road. Residential off roads, especially an area like this that houses a dense amount of children, should have speed bumps. Atleast in the housing area. It is surprising that this truck did not hit any children especially considering how kids are going to school at the time of the incident. If I were working for the city of Watertown I would definitely work on iplementing some sort of speed control in areas like this.

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