Conservation Commission Looking at Stormwater, Path Projects at Arsenal Mall

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Representatives from the owners of the Arsenal Yards will appear for the second time before the Conservation Commission this week seeking approval for a path and a stormwater system which would change the landscape and require removing and replacing trees in the area.

The Conservation Commission meets Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in the Lower Hearing Room in Town Hall. They will discuss the project that would be within the 200-foot buffer from the Charles River, which falls under the Conservation Commission’s authority.

Approximately 58,000 of land would be temporarily impacted by stormwater and regrading work located in the northwest corner of the parking lot. The area does not have stormwater treatment, currently. The new system is designed to capture about 89 percent of the particles in the run off from the parking lot, and 80 percent of the phosphorus.

The MassDEP examined the area and determined the project would not likely adversely impact wildlife in the area of the project.

During the discussion at the first meeting the board heard that about 25 trees would be removed and replaced nearly 90 more.

Another 12 trees would be removed in the area where a new path connecting the parking lot behind Home Depot to Greenough Boulevard. The new path will link to a path between the mall and Arsenal Park, which sits next door.

The path would have a slope that would meet ADA requirements and allow wheelchairs to to up and down the path. Because of the shallowness of the slope, the path will impact 7,740 square feet of land.

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