9 thoughts on “Town Council to Consider Sale of Watertown’s East Branch Library

  1. “The town put out a call for bids, which had to start at $1 million, and received just one bid.”

    Until a binding purchase agreement is signed, shouldn’t this have remained confidential? If I’m St. James, the price just went down $200k.

  2. Will the beautiful and unique building be saved? It has always given character to that part of Mt Auburn Street and town.

  3. Hi Barbara,
    During the discussion back in September 2016, I had made a motion to include
    language in the RFP to prohibit the demolition of the East Branch Library. At the time, the motion did not pass as all 8 other councilors were opposed to this restriction based on the feeling that it decreased the value of the property to a potential buyer.


    Michael Dattoli

  4. Michael Dattoli,

    In your 8/15/15 letter to the editor regarding reuse of branch libraries, you said, “there are many options for funding streams available, such as grants, businesses, fundraising, and local capital improvement funds.”


    So how much of that plentiful money did you and your friends raise through grants or fundraisers, in the year or two since your election, to save our branch libraries? I’m guessing zero..

  5. i think there deed restrictions in place – i remember protesting closing the library when i was a kid – at least 30 years ago. so they needed to keep it a library, just for god sakes no more condos

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