Group Looking to Create Community for People to Age in Their Own Homes

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A group looking to create a a community of people 55 and older living in private homes but sharing common facilities and having a voice in the design and operation of their neighborhood.

First Parish Unitarian Universalist Arlington and Middlesex Senior Cohousing will host a conversation about this model for aging in place with those interested in creating and participating in such a neighborhood in the Metro North Boston area. The event will include a slide presentation followed by small group discussions.

The event will be on Saturday, April 22 from 1-3 p.m. at the First Parish Arlington Unitarian Universalist Church, 630 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington. To Register click here.

The vision of the group is to create a place where people can live in the right-sized home for their needs in a safe, accessible neighborhood where people know and care about each other. The neighborhoods offer both privacy and as much community as residents want.

Middlesex Senior Cohousing included the following statement in their announcement:

Imagine a large shared courtyard or central gardens where you and your neighbors cross paths every day. And a common house with a big kitchen and dining room, where you cook and eat together a few times a week.

Imagine living in neighborhood that you and your neighbors helped design, a place where you have a voice in what goes on and remain independent and in control of your life as long as possible.”

Imagine an old-fashioned neighborhood designed to meet the physical and social needs of older adults, a place where you can age with dignity, independence and fun.

This is senior cohousing, and this is our vision.

2 thoughts on “Group Looking to Create Community for People to Age in Their Own Homes

  1. There are multiple elements in our plan:
    The core idea is at market prices — but the development is owned by the community so the profit element is removed. Furthermore, dwellings are smaller than standard homes, because the community shares larger spaces for dining, exercise, library, etc. Therefore the cost should be less than the same amenities in a single-family home.

    Beyond the core cohousing community, if we can find an appropriate site, co-locating other types of dwellings — fixed income, moderate income and so on are part of the philosophy. Does this help?

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