See the Watertown Athletes Running the 2017 Boston Marathon

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Thirty-six Watertown residents will be taking on the 121st Boston Marathon on Monday, April 17.

The number of local entrants is up from last year’s 31. The highpoint for local runners came in 2014, the year after the Boston Marathon Bombings, when there were 72 Watertown entrants.

You can watch the Marathon on WBZ Channel 4 starting at 9 a.m. and running to 5 p.m. (the race will be rebroadcast on Channel 38 at 8 p.m.) Find other entrants here.

Here is the list for 2017:

Kelsey Barry, 28

Meghan E. Binder, 33

Philip B. Cawkwell, 27

Amy Conner, 42

Kerry Coyne, 36

Rachel S. Dill, 29

Jessica C. Doggett, 24

Deborah Downs, 40

Jason Dunklee, 42

Anna P. Fang, 24 F

Samuel Fogel, 25

Jesse Frye, 28

Codey D. Gillum, 31

Daniel F. Gulas, 40

Doria V. Habib, 33

Kathy Hardcastle, 35

Kathryn C. Healy, 30

Barbara Herbst, 44

Jason Hoffman, 36

Tracy L. Jennings, 39

Kai Kharpertian, 28

Jovia R. Manzie, 26

Caitlin McCourt, 36

Jamie C. McKay, 30

Sean E. McManus, 37

Danielle M. Nugent, 29

Maurin A. O’Grady, 41

Aaron J. O’Neal, 28

Thomas S. Pacheco, 44

Robert C. Parrella, 28

Cassandra Rice, 28

Lindsay A. Snow, 30

Kun Song, 40

Matt Turnbull, 38

Scott Wakefield, 48

Eric Wyler, 28

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