Watertown’s Donohue’s Has New Look, Ready to Serve More Diners

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Charlie Breitrose

Donohue's Bar & Grill has a new look and an expanded kitchen.

Charlie Breitrose

Donohue’s Bar & Grill has a new look and an expanded kitchen.

One of Watertown’s best known eateries has a brand new look, but Donohue’s Bar & Grill will still serve up the food and drinks fans have enjoyed for nearly two decades.

On the outside, Donohue’s has a new design with big windows. On the inside of the space bright and open. The center wall that once separated the two sides of the restaurant was removed and instead of two bars on opposite walls, there is one big one that wraps around the middle of the space.

Owner John Donohue said the trend is for more and more people to eat at the bar, even at upscale restaurants.

Donohue’s also upgraded its televisions. There are now 26 TVs which are at least 60 inches in size.

Donohue’s opened in 1998 in the left side, looking from the street. In 2000 he expanded to the other side of the front room and in 2001 he opened the back, function room. In 2010, Donohue’s debuted the back patio.

Charlie Breitrose

The backroom at Donohue’s also got an upgrade during the renovations.

The new development coming to town – the Arsenal Mall, the new hotel an the new office building built just down the street – Donohue was inspired to make some big changes.

“About a year ago with all the changes that happened in Watertown and in the business dynamic, I knew it was time to upgrade and really expand the kitchen,” Donohue said.

The kitchen is 100 square feet larger, and it will allow Donohue’s to serve more customers.

“We were struggling to get lunch out,” Donohue said. “People only have 30 minutes, 45 minutes to get lunch and get out.”

Charlie Breitrose

The bar now sits in the middle of Donohue’s, and has some of the 26 televisions for customers to enjoy.

After a year of planning the construction was able to be completed between two of the biggest days for a bar – Super Bowl Sunday and St. Patrick’s Day. Donohue worked with 24 Restoration and Construction and the work was done in 39 days.

The new look Donohue’s celebrated with a St. Patty’s Day filled with live music and the kitchen cooked up 500 pounds of corned beef dinners. The restaurant ready to serve lunches and dinners, plus breakfasts on the weekend.

8 thoughts on “Watertown’s Donohue’s Has New Look, Ready to Serve More Diners

  1. We wish JD great success in his beautifully renovated restaurant,
    just in time to meet the demands of all the new development in town.
    JD has contributed much to Watertown and Watertown will continue to
    support him.
    When Lanno’s and Union Market Station closed it left a vacancy for townies to gather.
    Donohue’s has helped to fill that void.
    Best of luck JD

  2. He should do good with the lunch and after work crowd from Linx.
    Is that even occupied yet? Their website states a January opening, but
    every time I pass by it on the Nichols Ave side, it looks vacant.

  3. I sooo luvv the new Donahues. My name is Jizzois and I usually eat French but this place has cuisine to dye for, plane and simple. Maybe pate for a special? This place does a gr8 job especially Angela, Chrissy & Kylie. Bring back Darva! Coors Light > Bud Light, yay.

    • While I am not a fan of socialist France, I would like to concur with Jizzois from 02138. Angela, Chrissy, and Kylie are gr8. The corned beef on St. Patty’s was a unique color, but delicious nonetheless. The greek wings explode in your mouth, highly recommended. Congratulations Donohue’s!!! 10 out of 10

  4. really was impressive construction work. I look forward to continued / sustainable success & growth at Donahue’s. Including , (but not limited to) -elongating the Tacos, returning the rewards card (I have unused points) adding Hummus, and the return of Darva. Viva la Donahue’s. Award Winning Bloody Mary’s and Best Bud Lites Ever (BBLE)

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