Hearing to be Held for Trees Scheduled to be Removed from Watertown

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The Watertown Tree Warden will hold a Tree Hearing this week to review the removal of eight trees from the streets of Watertown.

The hearing will be held on Wednesday, April 26 at 11:30 a.m. in the Lower Hearing Room in Town Hall, 149 Main Street, Watertown.

Theses are the locations of, the size and types of trees:

Location DBH Type of Tree

159 Boylston St 10” Norway maple
22 Irma Ave 20 “ Norway maple
11 Hovey St 20” Norway maple
86 Hovey St 17” Norway maple
164 Chapman St 28” Sugar maple
407 Mt. Auburn St 12” Linden
415 Mt. Auburn St 15” Linden
36 Edenfield Ave 18” Norway maple

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