9 thoughts on “Council Asked to Weigh in on Who Should Select Community Preservation Committee

  1. I believe the language within the Charter was written the way it was for a reason. The language allows for flexibility in the methods used for making Committee appointments. That flexibility has not been exercised and I hope that this will be an opportunity to exercise that flexibility. Because the Community Preservation Committee is unlike any other Committee we have, I believe that it deserves a method of appointment other than the “usual”. I would also like to see ALL Members of the Town Council have an active role in the selection of this Committee’s members.

    • The council represents all parts of our city, and are familiar with more citizens than is a single individual, ie the Town Manager. I believe, also, that there is something in the CPA guidelines that requires that there not be any town representative on the CPA board. Susan Falkoff is wise to suggest a visit from the CPA governing body to advise the council on how to select appropriately appoint a CPA group for greatest success and in accordance with the terms of CPA administration.

  2. I would prefer the complete town council or the town manager appoint these members as sub-committee’s could be politically motivated.

  3. The Charter was written to have the Town Manager appoint the committees and it has worked well.
    Having the Town Manager do it assures that those that are appointed have proper expertise on the committee on which they will serve.
    Having the council appoint them can and will bring politics, friendships,
    and supporters into the equation.
    The way it was set up is to assure qualified people get appointed, all our existing boards have proper qualifications, proving the system has worked.
    Having the Town Council appoint this committee will set a dangerous precedent.
    Why wouldn’t those interested in serving that were instrumental in passing the CPA just apply and play by the rules the Charter set that every other committee follows?
    I think they would have a better than average chance of appointment.
    Thank you,
    John S. Airasian
    Charter Commissioner

    • John you were appointed to serve on the traffic committee by the current town manager. What was your expertise on traffic at the time? Are you a traffic engineer Are you or any of the town councillors aware of who else applied to serve on that committee?

  4. I agree with Mr. Airasian.

    Any appointments by the town council could and will be construed as politically motivated. Same people should apply regardless of who is doing the appointing. I am curious why Councilor’s Feltner and Dushku feel the process hasn’t worked in the pass and it would appear that they do not trust the Town Manager.

    • Councilor Feltner & Dushku were both asked that question at the meeting on Monday night. Both couldn’t provide an answer, particularly with Councilor Feltner ignoring the question after repeatedly being asked.

  5. I agree with Mr. Airasian. The Town Manager should appoint the committee. The town counselors are politically motivated an push their own agenda.

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