One thought on “See MassDOT’s Recommendations for Improvements to Arsenal Street

  1. Consider the bike path issue: “The bike path along Arsenal Street east of School Street could be paid for by a mix of state funds (Chapter 90 and Safe Streets) and developer funds. Because of the width of the road, the bike lanes would not be able to be five feet wide the whole length without making lanes of traffic less than 11 feet wide.”
    We can encourage bike commuters into North Cambridge via the Community Path and Cambridge Connector. Those going into Brighton need a plan. This minimization of bike path along Arsenal to the East is another reason for utilizing the Rail Road right of way West off of Arsenal St to connect the Community Path down to Watertown Square. It would cross Mt Auburn at Taylor and Baptist Way and connect to the West and river route. Much safer, faster, and roomier for commuters at rush hours and the same for recreationalists the rest of the day. There will have to be some creative negotiating for the land, but nearly all of it is unused and generally unusable by abutters. To connect East and West sections, it would be easy to build a sidewalk level bike path from School Street up Walnut to share some of Doble’s parking lot connecting with the path in the back of Hanover (202 Arsenal) to Greystar at Irving. It is an easy block from Mt Auburn at Irving where there is no bike lane planned going West. This route would then go down the Rail Road right of way almost to the Square. Getting bikes across the river remains problematic. Let’s keep thinking of protecting our bike routes and being sensible–and creative– about shared sidewalks and bike paths without partitions on major commuting streets like Arsenal.

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