Watertown Police Seek Info on Person Who Shot Goose with Dart


Watertown Police Department

A goose found near the Dealtry Pool was hit by a blow dart.

Watertown Police seek information on who ever shot a goose with a blow dart last month. 

In mid-May, Watertown Police and the Watertown Animal Control officer received a report of an injured bird found near the Charles River in the area of the Dealtry Memorial Pool, owned by the DCR.

“Thanks to our Watertown, MA Animal Control, and the Animal Rescue League of Boston, the goose was captured and is recovering at Tufts Wildlife Clinic,” Watertown Police said on its Facebook page.

Animal Rescue League

The blow dart can be seen sticking out of the leg of a goose found by the Charles River in Watertown.

Police suspect the person shot the goose from one of the public docks along the Charles River.

“We ask anyone with information to contact Karen O’Reilly, Watertown, MA Animal Control at 617-972-6446. We also ask for your help spreading the word, be observant if you frequent that area, and report any criminal or suspicious activity,” Watertown Police announced.

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