28 thoughts on “Committee Narrows Down Possible Mascots/Logos for Watertown High School

  1. This is absolutely ridiculous. The time, energy, and resources wasted on a problem that does not exist is what I find offensive. The image of a Native American is offending people? Somebody better tell the Governor since one is on our state flag. The article also states that a colonist would be unacceptable because a picture of a “weapon” is not desirable? Colonists didn’t fight the English with torches and sticks. Politically Correct nonsense has infected our educational system to the point where students are being trained to be offended. Start teaching our students to acknowledge other people’s opinions and views instead of trying to change history, shut down speech they find offensive, and go through life as professional victims.

      • No I am not. Neither are the majority of people who seem to be offended by this nonsense.

        • Lets ask Elizabeth Warren what her views are…oh yeah, she’s nowhere to be found to comment on this or any other matter facing Massachusetts.

      • I didn’t think so John. I think that few are truly offended, but they are trying to be sensitive to the lousy position in which the first Americans find themselves. There is nothing wrong with this. A lot of wrong was done to Native Americans, and a little consciousness goes a long way to getting started toward making up for it. If our school kids are being educated to be decent, sensitive and caring people, then I am all for that. We need more thoughtful civility.

        • Yes, there was wrong done to Native Americans. There was wrong done to many groups, cultures, and races throughout history. Erasing it, removing it, or meaningless gestures (banning all Native American mascots) is not the answer. And, I disagree that our children are being educated to be decent and caring. They are being trained to be offended, to reject (violently at time) ideas and opinions that differ from theirs and to look for ways to be victims.

          • In other words, just suck it up and shut up, right John? No, teaching kids to respect the cultural heritage of others is not teaching them to be victims or making them sissies. If more of that were done, there would be less violence in this world. I don’t know exactly what you are referring to when you are talking about when “rejecting (violently at time (sic)) ideas and opinions that differ from theirs. . .”, but I have the suspicion that you mean right wing screed from the likes of Fox News, which would be rejected by most people who possess critical thinking skills.

            The wrong done to the Native Americans is a profound stain on this country. Yes, there has been wrong done many groups, but the treatment of the Native Americans rises to the level of genocide. Especially in a town that has the native name “Pequossette” on its shield, it is a worthy endeavor for our schoolchildren to contemplate the history of the tribes that used to inhabit our area, and to remove derogatory cartoon images names of native peoples from our sports logos. Most images of Native Americans in popular culture stem from a misunderstanding of the culture of those first Americans.

            Watertown is a very diverse community and many of us value that. In such an environment, cultural sensitivity is an asset. Kids, generally will get along, until adults teach them to hate.

  2. They should use a Canadian goose since they live near water and are invading our city.

  3. Watertown school athletics have no Native American Indian or related images on any team uniforms or apparel. There are no Indian or related images on any athletic fields or courts in Watertown. The high school removed the “Red” from the Red Raider name over 25 years ago. I have been to very many athletic events over the years and have never seen a student or player dressed as an Indian or act in any manner that would be disrespectful to them.

  4. Ah, I see Joseph. So if you watch Fox News, you don’t possess critical thinking skills? But I assume if you get your news from the Huffington Post and the Daily Show, you are enlightened and morally superior to the troglodyte conservatives right? You don’t know what I’m referring to when I state “violently at times” and being taught to be victims? Berkeley Riots over conservative speakers? College Campuses demanding segregated graduation ceremonies? “Safe Spaces”? “Cry Ins”? Cancelling classes after the election? ANTIFA?Threatening a white college professor for staying on campus when a “No Whites” day is declared? And, most recently, the shooting that occurred at the Republican Baseball practice by a Bernie Sanders supporter? It seems that the majority of hate is coming from the “tolerant” left when they find an opinion of theirs is challenged, even if it’s respectful. Our children are being taught to hate but not by the racist, sexist, conservative Nazi’s. They are being taught to hate by the tolerant, progressive, “morally superior” left. The majority of people who seem to be offended by the image of a Native American as our mascot are NOT indigenous peoples of the United States. Unfortunately, they seem to have an agenda that has nothing to do with educating our youth about Native American culture or the treatment of their people. They would rather demonize the people that have a love and respect for our towns traditions and mascot. Admit it Joseph, if you took a vote from the people of our town that have Native American heritage and they decided the mascot is not offensive and should stay, you would still push forward with this miguided way of thinking.

    • John, you ought to quit while you are ahead. The more you say, the more it is clear that you really don’t understand the issues at hand. You are exaggerating everything that you write about.

      Leave our school children alone, they seem to be doing fine. And hopefully they will not inherit your biases. I think that the majority in Watertown are content with the process of selecting a new mascot. For sake of our town, just leave it be.

      Unfortunately, most of those Native Americans who once made Watertown their home, have been driven away. That is part of the issue.

    • By the way John, I don’t read Huff Post and I don’t watch the Daily Show. Just another assumption of yours that is wrong.

  5. How about a minuteman clutching a bolt of lightning, so it is different than the Colgate mascot?

    • Quit while I’m ahead? Are the facts getting to you sir? Please explain where I have exaggerated? If being “bias” as you claim means not swallowing the lies and political correctness spewed by certain groups, then yes I am. Clever how you say I “assumed” you watched the Daily Show and read HuffPo when your previous posts “assumes” I watch Fox News? Finally, I will not leave our school children alone if you mean let them be indoctrinated. My daughter is in the current school system and it’s my duty to raise her to be a responsible, fair minded, and educated adult. It is also my duty to protect her from the bias and division you claim I support, while you are the one that actually promotes it.

      • “I will not leave our school children alone if you mean let them be indoctrinated.” This is an exampled of your overblown statements. Do you really think that Watertown schools are “indoctrinating” children? I’ll bet a lot of teachers and administrators would beg to differ.

        John, you are getting too worked up. The Watertown public schools are not a brainwashing camp.

        I am promoting bias and division? Admittedly there is bias and division in our country. But it has become a standard tactic for those who cause it to blame it on the other side. That is a ploy that Roger Ailes invented and Karl Rove perfected.

        Anyway, I don’t think I am causing bias and division by praising cultural sensitivity. And the Native American thing is personal for me, because of dear friends I had growing up.

  6. I am part of the 2nd generation in my family to be raised in Watertown. My wife grew up here as well. We raised our two sons here and got them through graduation and on with their lives. We know very much about life here over a very long time. Much has changed. What saddens me to see is how divided this community has become. It was never like this before. The rift just keeps growing wider. It’s gone too far for too long an is now irreparable.

    • Dean, do you think that people like me who haven’t lived our whole lives here should be thrown out of town? Denied the vote? Maybe you should try meeting and talking to some of us who have divided your town. Maybe you might find that many of us are decent human beings and good neighbors. Maybe you would find that many of us care deeply about this town and have worked hard to try and make it better. You might find that you have more in common with us than you think.

      • No Thanks! Been there, done that. My wife and I were treated poorly by people like you!

    • I agree sir that it is sad, very sad. Unfortunately it is not just our town. I have friends that have actually cut ties with their own family members due to political disagreements. This is awful and I wish it would stop. I have many friends and family with whom I don’t share the same views, however I would never consider cutting them out of my life. Disheartening!

      • Well John, if you truly regret all the division, you can help. Stop saying divisive things.

        For example: “Politically Correct nonsense has infected our educational system to the point where students are being trained to be offended.”

        “. . .I will not leave our school children alone if you mean let them be indoctrinated.”

        “Our children are being taught to hate but not by the racist, sexist, conservative Nazi’s. They are being taught to hate by the tolerant, progressive, “morally superior” left.”

        All this as an over-reaction to a good faith effort to bring the image of Watertown Schools into the 21st century.

        • I stand by everything I said and am still waiting for you to show how I am exaggerating when this is EXACTLY what is going on in our town and our country as a whole.

  7. John, you offer no convincing proof that the Watertown Public Schools are indoctrinating children in far left ideologies. What you are doing is insulting a lot of decent teachers and school employees. They are trying to teach kids to be thoughtful of their fellow citizens. Doesn’t sound like leftist ideology to me.

    • I am not suggesting that ALL Watertown teachers are indoctrinating students. The fact that our towns mascot has come under attack is cause for concern enough. What I would like to know is who is leading this charge? Is it the students or the teachers? Is it lifelong Watertown residents or Cambridge transplants? If the answer is the latter of both my previous questions, then it is a form of indoctrination. May I ask where you are from Joe?

      • John, thanks for your input on the WHS mascot. From what I have seen there are people who grew up in Watertown both for and against keeping the American Indian mascot/logo. Also, some who have moved here for and against. I won’t get into the where people are from, but I think that people who live here like Watertown and are doing what they think it best for the town. Obviously what one person think is best can be very different from another person’s idea of what is best. We need to focus on the issue and not personal slights or attacks (which have been on both sides).

        • I agree Charlie. The personal attacks and insults have gone way too far. I am all for civil discourse but I have started many civil conversations with people that have turned extremely ugly when I don’t end up agreeing with them. I try and remain respectful but I have been guilty of hurling jabs as well after being attacked. Going forward I hope that both sides will remain civil and respectful.

        • Charlie,
          This topic has been deeply debated in the past. I was very involved in the process until I was pushed out for not going along in 2014. There is a small group of people who are site council members at the WHS who are behind this. They will not listen to what the majority wants, which is the status quo. They tried to push through a change in May 2015, and it was overwhelmingly rejected by both the students (boycotted a vote on a new logo at the HS) and the town’s people who actively protested. This is fact and is documented by local news and Channel 7 news, please look it up. Watertown is not offending anyone with its current status. No Indian logos, no Indian offensive activity. There is no controversy that needs to be debated. Watertown is respectful of Indian heritage and does not offend anyone with the present policies. The push to change Watertown history, tradition, and its identity will be fought.

      • What does it matter to you John where I am from? I did not grow up here, but have as much right to an opinion as someone who did.