State Police Recovers Body from Charles River in Watertown

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The Massachusetts State Police recovered a body from the Charles River on Sunday morning, and the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office does not consider the death suspicious.

The State Police received a report from the Newton Yacht Club for a report of a body in the river on the Watertown side, according to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office.

“The body has been identified as an 84 year old Newton man. This death is not being considered suspicious and no foul play is suspected,” a statement from the Middlesex DA’s office said.

The State Police Marine Unit and State Police Troop 11 from Brighton responded to the area of Charles River Road for the call that came in at 8:40 a.m., according to Lt. Tom Ryan of the State Police.

8 thoughts on “State Police Recovers Body from Charles River in Watertown

    • How do you think he got there? the body was most likely alive when it walked there, and then after it fell into the water the body probably died. It’s science.

  1. Now finding dead body in the water , in the woods and dumpsters became a regular event. How about diving from few floors high to the ground. It is disturbing. Do you see a pattern? Not in age group but something no one want to speak out.

    NO Foul play????

    • From what I heard from the Watertown Police they found his car on Charles River Road and sounds like he may have gotten confused and fallen in the river (they do not comment on medical related incidents due to the HIPAA law). He had been reported missing on Saturday. They do not think it was a criminal act.

  2. How can HIPAA law apply when the guy is dead? The public has a right to know the manner and cause of death. Death certificates are public records. There’s no reason the police can’t give the reasoning behind classifying it as not suspicious. The police are not trustworthy so we can’t be expected to take what they say at face value. We have to be able to see the evidence so that we can reach our own conclusion. That’s what the press is for — to disseminate information.

    • I hear you Rocky, it is hard to come to a conclusion without more information. I may be wrong about HIPAA in this case because he is dead. The investigation is by the Middlesex DA’s office. That was all the information they released. I can ask again, but they often will give only a few details for cases they do not think are suspicious. I would prefer that they give out more details, too.

    • What makes you think that you have any right to his private information? Just because a death certificate is public record you think you should be privy to all the information on the case? To say the police aren’t trustworthy is the stupidest statement ever! Oh, and sure, the press does a great job don’t they?

  3. How about just letting the family mourn without all the bs.I agree there is sinister shit going on regarding the young men and drownings but this man doesn’t even got the profile.this is a horrible accident end of story.leave it alone

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