New Owners Want to Transform Arsenal Street Gas Station

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Charlie Breitrose

New owners of East Coast Gas, Paul and Alberta Zoummar, want to bring new life to the station on Arsenal Street.

Charlie Breitrose

New owners of East Coast Gas, Paul and Alberta Zoummar, want to bring new life to the station on Arsenal Street.

Paul and Alberta Zoummar purchased East Coast Gas in June, and they want to bring new life to the Arsenal Street gas station.

The station across from the Arenal on the Charles was renovated about a year ago, complete with adding a building on the site, putting up a canopy over the pumps and replacing the underground tanks. Zoummar already owned stations in Brighton and Quincy and when he saw East Coast Gas for sale he went for it.

“I’m in the business, already,” Zoummar said. “I liked the location, considering it is right on Arsenal Street.”

In Watertown, virtually all gas stations are required to be full-service stations, and East Coast Gas is no exception. The Zoummars hope to give people a reason to get out of their vehicles, however.

Charlie Breitrose

East Coast Gas on Arsenal Street has been renovated and a store will serve food in the future.

The previous owner never made much use of the new building on the site, but Zoummar wants it to fulfill its potential.

“We are trying to develop the area right now,” Zoummar said. “We will bring in some sort of food – a coffee shop, fast food, something of that nature.”

Zoummar said he is not sure which direction he will go, and said he is open to suggestions.

“Right now we are keeping the gas station going and trying to get the store going,” Zoummar said. “We are taking it one step at a time.”

10 thoughts on “New Owners Want to Transform Arsenal Street Gas Station

  1. As a long time resident I travel that road all the time to go shopping but have never stopped there for gas. If I may offer a suggestion the name and sign looks very old so for me a deterrent and not appealing because I’ve seen it for so long and relate to the dingy way it used to look. Something newer and brighter might help attract customers.
    I wish you much success and thank you for investing in our community.

    • I would have to agree with Domenica. I did and do still get gas on occasions. The employees have always been very nice. You have done a wonderful job with the updates. You need to update the gas sign. It doesn’t do the new look justice. It may make other feel like the gas is old and cheap. I vote for a self service coffee area hot / ice. I live right next to you and I walk my dog everyday. I walk to the square just for coffee and to stretch both our legs. I would love to stop by your place and give money to a small business instead of a big business. Snack are good as well ( lol ). Rose – Watertown Resident.

      • Hi Rose, thanks for the feedback. We promise that you will see a new sign in the coming months. We are also working on operationalizing the store: coffee and tea shop are being considered as well as a convenient store. Please know that the gas is always fresh despite the old sign 🙂 as gas loads are delivered several times a week.
        All the best,

    • Thank you Domenica for the suggestion. It is much appreciated. Paul and I are actually looking into changing the sign and painting the canopy (we really don’t like it…lol) but we are doing things little by little. As you know we are still new at East Coast Gas and Watertown (We have only been there since June 20, 17) and we are still getting situated. We promise to have a nice looking sign in the coming months… Suggestions for companies who can help with the design and installation is much appreciated.
      Many thanks for welcoming us in Watertown.

      Alberta Zoummar

  2. Villa Mexico, a Boston restaurant got its start as a burrito place in a gas station on Cambridge Street. I’d love to see an old-school family taco/burrito/tamale place in your station! Quick, easy, inexpensive and healthy food!

  3. I’ve been a long time patron of this station. It has the friendliest employees, some even giving my dog treats. Please keep the employees and the low gas prices.

    • Thanks Becky for the nice feedback about the employees. We promise to be as competitive as possible and to pump the gas for you at the lowest prices.


  4. I remember when the town made them close the entrance onto School St. Used to go there all the time but it is impossible if you are on the opposite side of Arsenal St.

  5. I am a longtime resident of the School Street neighborhood, and would suggest a coffee and tea shop before a convenience store. Convenience Plus is right up the street on School and does a ton of business there. I think coffee and tea are missing from our little neighborhood. Thanks!

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