2 thoughts on “Architect Assures School Committee That Renovated Schools Will be ‘Like New’

  1. Thanks for reporting on this, Charlie. As a follow-up, the working group met yesterday and is aiming to closely follow the timeline outlined by Ai3, meaning an RFP will be ideally be released in September with a recommendation on both the OPM and designer firm (subject to appropriation) being made in late October. From there, the goal is for the awards to be made in December (there will need to be two readings at the Council meetings in November). Dr. Galdston has made the school buildings issue a priority and is clearly experienced in this realm (as is Mary DeLai). We are scheduled to meet again on this next week. Also, the other Town Councilor participating in this working group with us is Vincent Piccirilli. Thanks again,
    Michael Dattoli

  2. “Architect Assures School Committee That Renovated Schools Will be ‘Like New’”
    Thanks Charlie for starting my day off with a hearty laugh.

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