New Four-Way Stop at Intersection Near Watertown Square

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Watertown Police

New stop signs have been installed on Spring Street at Palfrey Street.

Watertown Police

New stop signs have been installed on Spring Street at Palfrey Street.

Watertown Police warn drivers to watch out for a new set of stop signs on Spring Street. 

There were already stop signs on Palfrey Street at Spring Street, but now there are stop signs on Spring Street at that intersection to create a four-way stop. The intersection is about three blocks from Main Street and two from Common Street. The intersection has had numerous accidents over the years.

New stop signs and traffic signals are approved by the Watertown Traffic Commission.

The Watertown Police put up the following post on its Facebook page:

The intersection of Spring Street at Palfrey Street is now an All-Way stop. Motorists are now required to come to a full stop on Spring Street as well as Palfrey Street prior to proceeding through the intersection. Electronic message boards have been placed on Spring Street to provide motorists advanced warning of the new signs and to help drivers get into the habit of stopping at this location.

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5 thoughts on “New Four-Way Stop at Intersection Near Watertown Square

  1. another unnecessary sign.
    As long as people who are coming up Palfrey St. stop there is no problem.
    If you are going to do something useful, how about you look into making some of these streets either one way or prevent parking on both sides. Many of these streets aren’t safe because no one is taking responsibility.
    This stop sign idea is avoiding the real needs of this area’s road safety.

    And by the way, dear police dept. – how about you do something about the people parking in their too short driveways that end up completely block the sidewalks for pedestrians. Why is this NEVER dealt with. It is against the law for these people to block the sidewalks yet you never do anything about that.
    Shame on all of you.

  2. Why don’t you just put lights at every intersection at every intersection while your at it?
    Your acting as if your doing this to fix a problem.
    There is no problem with the intersection.
    There are lots of problems with roads being to narrow for 2 way traffic and parking at the same time. This light is just another unnecessary waste of tax payer dollars, gasoline and peoples time.
    Truly poorly thought out and clearly done without local feed back.

    • While I agree you should not just out stop sigbs everywhere, I used to live near that intersection and it is a tricky one. The cars on Palfrey, especially going toward Church have a hard time seeing cars on Spring. Drivers go fast down that part of Spring and at least once a year there was a serious accident. I saw cars that wound up hitting stone walls and telephone poles. I guess another option would be a speed table, like at Church and Palfrey but those also seem unpopular.

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