Watertown Residents Can Request Trees to be Planted by the Town

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The Watertown Tree Warden has trees that can be planted free in front of or in the near front yard of residential properties in town, but the deadline for signing up is coming up.

The Tree Warden’s office sent out the following information:

If you are interested in a tree being planted in front of your home or on your own private property, within 20 feet of the back of the sidewalk, please send an email with your top 3 choices to the Tree Warden, Chris Hayward, by October 13, 2017 at chayward@watertown-ma.gov.

He will try to accommodate your choice selection but if any of your choices are not suitable for your location, he will advise a more suitable species from this list.

If you had requested a tree in the spring but did not receive one at that time, your name and location was moved onto the list of recipients for the Fall of 2017.

Small and Front Yard trees

(Name, height, spread)

Kwanzan cherry ‘Royal burgandy’ Prunus serrulata 15′ to 25′ 15′ to 25′

Shantung maple Acer truncatum “Shantung” 20′ to 25′ 15′ to 25′

Japanese Tree Lilac Syringa reticulata 20′ to 30′ 10′ to 15′

Snowgoose cherry Prunus “Snowgoose” 15′ to 20′ 15′ to 20′

Ornamental Crabapple Species varies 15′ to 25′ 15′ to 25′

Medium sized trees

Yoshino cherry Prunus yedoensis 20′ to 40′ 15′ to 30′

Sun valley maple Acer rubrum “Sun Valley” 20′ to 40′ 20′ to 30′

Large Shade Trees

Pin oak Quercus palustris 50′ to 70′ 30′ to 40′

Red oak Quercus rubra 75′ to 100′ 60′ to 75′

White oak Quercus alba 50′ to 80′ 50′ to 80′

Elm “Princeton” Ulmus spp. 50′ to 70′ 30′ to 50′

Ginko Ginko biloba 50′ to 80′ 35′ to 45′

October glory red maple Acer rubrum 40′ to 50′ 20′ to 35′

Red Sunset maple Acer rubrum 40′ to 50′ 20′ to 35′

Autumn blaze red maple Acer rubrum 40′ to 50′ 30′ to 40′

Redpointe maple Acer rubrum “Frank Jr” 35′ to 45′ 20′ to 30′

Black gum Nyssa sylvatica 40′ to 65′ 30′ to 40′

2 thoughts on “Watertown Residents Can Request Trees to be Planted by the Town

  1. I would be quite pleased to have a small tree.

    Kwanzaa cherry ‘Royal burgandy’ Prunus serrulata

    Snowgoose cherry Prunus “

    Japanese tree lilac

    Planted in my front yard right side of front door would be great.

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