Plans to Improve Watertown Square Intersection to be Discussed at Meeting

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An illustration of MassDOT's recommendations to change the configuration of Watertown Square.

An illustration of MassDOT’s recommendations to change the configuration of Watertown Square.

The Town will be making improvements to Watertown Square which may include major changes to the intersection. A meeting will be held for members of the public to get more information and to give their input.

The meeting of the Town Council’s Public Works subcommittee will be held on Monday, Oct. 30 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers in Town Hall.

The Town sent out the following announcement:

The Town of Watertown is redesigning Watertown Square to improve traffic operations and safety. Due to your interest in Mount Auburn Street, you may be interested in attending this meeting. The Watertown Square Improvements Project will develop designs for accessible sidewalks, bicycle accommodations, new lane markings, an updated traffic signal control system, and new wayfinding and roadway signs, among other upgrades and repairs. These improvements will increase safety for everyone, make it easier to navigate the square, and help strengthenWatertown Square as a vibrant town center.

Officials will be considering implementing the recommendations of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s (MassDOT’s) Arsenal Street Corridor Study Final Report (Chapter 5, page 170) which identified improvements for Watertown Square including removing Charles River Road from the intersection and changing traffic patterns in the area. 

The Town will be discussing the concept plans and gathering input. View the full meeting agenda and download the meeting flyer.

Read more about the MassDOT recommendations here:

Major Changes to Watertown Square, Bus Lines Recommended by MassDOT

One thought on “Plans to Improve Watertown Square Intersection to be Discussed at Meeting

  1. If the alignment of the overhead traffic lights, overhead signage, and painted arrows lane-directions aren’t made far clearer and far more directly aligned with what drivers see, these changes won’t do much to alleviate confusion and unexpected lane-changes.

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