Watertown Woman Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

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Charlie Breitrose

Antonetta Fratini shows off a card she made at Hatch, the Watertown Library's makerspace in Watertown Square.

Charlie Breitrose

Antonetta Fratini turned 100 years old on Sunday. Recently she made a card at an event hosted by Hatch, the Watertown Library’s makerspace in Watertown Square.

Happy Birthday to Watertown’s newest centenarian!

On Sunday, Antonetta Fratini attended a party thrown in honor of her reaching age 100. The party was held at The Residence at Watertown Square, a senior living community on Summer Street.

Fratini was born in Italy in 1917 and emigrated with her family to the U.S. when she was 11 years old, according to the report from Fox 25 News. Those who meet her would never think she is 100, according to her daughter Marisa.

Recently, Fratini took part in an open house at Hatch, the Watertown Library’s makerspace located in a commercial spot in the same building as The Residence.

See more about the celebration in the Fox 25 story, by clicking here.

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