8 thoughts on “Town Council Candidates Tackle Issues at Concerned Homeowners Forum

  1. Palomba and Bays, why would you harbor illegal immigrants? Want a terror attack here? Please do not support these people. We should be appalled and outraged, Watertown voters!

  2. Illegal is illegal and lawbreakers should not be embraced.

    Maybe some of the peole struggling to pay their property taxes should be allowed to make “undocumented withdrawals” from local banks to pay those taxes. Or, even better, from the accounts of those that support sanctuary city status.

    • Fred, you are full of crap. Stop posting unsupported slander unless you are willing to sign your full name to it. Tony is not a socialist and I bet that you couldn’t define the term socialist if you had to. No reason in your post. Just slander.

  3. I think there’s some confusion about what a Safe Community ordinance (the so-called sanctuary city law) would be likely to do.

    These ordinances do not have any affect on the legal status of undocumented immigrants — most of whom, in our area, are students and seasonal workers who overstay their visas. Those folks would still need to sort out their status.

    A Safe Community ordinance would mean that no person will be detained by Watertown Police at the request of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, nor would people be asked specifically about their immigration status by WPD. In the same way that an FBI agent, for instance, lacks the jurisdiction to issue a speeding ticket in Watertown, a WPD officer wouldn’t enforce ICE policies either.

    It would mean that anyone in need of emergency assistance would not be endangering themselves or their family members by calling the police. It makes sense, since the proper role of the local police is to protect and serve.

    This is basically WPD’s official policy already, as outlined by the Chief of Police. So an ordinance would change little about the way our police currently serve the residents of Watertown.

    I hope this helps improve the quality of our debate about the issue.

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