2 thoughts on “UPDATED: See How Much Watertown Candidates Raised and Who Gave Them Money

  1. Hi, Charlie – I note that you mention my name and another under-$50 campaign donor’s name in this article, citing membership in Trees for Watertown. For the sake of completeness, several other donors you mention are also TFW members: Jonathan Hecht, Angie Kounelis, and Mark Sideris.

    TFW is very grateful for these members’ long-term support of TFW’s work toward ensuring long-lived, healthy public shade trees in Watertown. We’re also very grateful for TFW member Michelle Cokonougher’s efforts toward achieving TFW’s goals, particularly her superlative research chops.

    Healthy shade trees are indispensable, hardworking components of a well-managed city’s physical infrastructure. Shade trees cleanse the air, cool hardscape, filter stormwater, and beautify our city. We hope our new Council will wholeheartedly support citizen and municipal efforts to improve the health and lifetimes of public shade trees throughout Watertown, and in particular work toward adding healthy canopy to shade-poor neighborhoods.

    Libby Shaw
    President, Trees for Watertown

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