New Lights Being Installed Along Community Path Between Whites, Waverley Aves.

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{Updated on Jan. 4, 2018. Corrected the cost of the project to $70,000, not $300,00-$400,00}

A new set of decorative street lights is to planned be installed along the pathway that leads from Whites Avenue to Waverley Avenue, just west of Saltonstall Park.

The project, along what is called the Community Path or Linear Park, would install 11 new lights on decorative light posts, that are about 12 feet tall, said Dennis Sheehan, the Department of Public Works Director of Administration and Finance. He presented the project to the Town Council’s Public Works subcommittee last week.

The area used to be lit by lights on the utility poles along the path, said Public Works Superintendent Gerald Mee, but they don’t work anymore.

“The area is dark,” Mee said. “It has been requested for a number of years that the path be lit.”

The light fixtures will be designed to prevent light from going into the backyards of homes along the path, including those on Sumer Street. The cost of the project is estimated to be $70,000.

Sheehan added that conduit has been installed underground to power the lights, so the utility poles would be taken down as part of the project.

Town Councilor Aaron Dushku said he believes the new lights would make the park look better.

Councilor Tony Palomba said he worries that even with the design to prevent light from getting it, it will still be a significant change for residents who now have a dark back yard.

Town Council President Mark Sideris suggested that a meeting be held with the neighbors before funding is approved for the project.

Councilor Susan Falkoff said she believes the Conservation Commission should be informed about the plans to light the path because it could impact wildlife that travel along the path at night.

The Public Works subcommittee approved recommending that the full Town Council support funding for the project but only after a neighborhood meeting is held.

5 thoughts on “New Lights Being Installed Along Community Path Between Whites, Waverley Aves.

  1. This is interesting, I was wondering why new holes had been dug in September and just left unkept? Is it possible that someone signed approval for work prior to public knowledge or input ?
    Seems a bit late for a neighborhood powwow when the open holes at least 8?, Have already been dug and left unattended to. I would suggest in the future to not dig until complete plan is in place and approved . Just my opinion

  2. Is there any info as to the type of lights under consideration by DPW? Are they dimmable and do they meet Dark Sky standards? When is the public meeting regarding this project? Thank you.

    • Elodia,

      The drawing of the lights being considered are decorative, antique-looking street lights. I don’t have a picture. The DPW decided against lights that are motion sensored because they felt it would be more disturbing if a light is going on and off. I have not heard of a date for a meeting with neighbors.

      • Thanks for this info Charlie. Please let us know if you hear about the lighting meeting. The lighting issues in town are becoming increasingly onerous. Some thoughtful education and discussion is needed.

    • it seems that the next Blue(/Snow) Moon total eclipse will not be visible along this Community Path, dimmable lights or not, but the Wolf (super)Moon was extremely beautiful when one observed it upstream the Charles River.

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