6 thoughts on “UPDATED: Town Attorney: 2017 Watertown Election Ballot Contained an Error

  1. This wasn’t the only thing that went wrong on Election Day. A number of the votes cast for School Committee were not counted due to a problem with the ballot collection machine at one of the polling locations. Normally, if there is a problem with your ballot, the machine catches the error and you are asked to submit another ballot. If a person selected more than 3 people for School Committee, this would be detected as an error and you would be given a chance to resubmit the ballot. Since one of the machines was not working that day, ballots were collected manually and not checked for any potential problems. It was discovered later that several people selected 4 candidates for School Committee on their ballots and those votes were not counted. It is very unfortunate that these people’s votes for School Committee were not counted.

  2. I agree. I think a recount is certainly in order for SC as Lily Read Tripler won by such a small margin. Nothing against her, but it’s not a good start to have “won” an election that she actually may have lost and not the voice of the people. This is very unfortunate situation.

  3. I second (or third this). We should get a recount for Lily Tripler if there was so much confusion on election day. I don’t feel comfortable with her on the school committee as the election was so close. If she won, fine, congrats. But it sure seems like her election is very tainted and needs to be looked at. Who can do this?

    • The deadline has passed to request a recount. I believe it would have had to be requested by the 4th place candidate and she would have had to gotten signatures. Also the original comment alleges that the ballots were not counted because too many bubbles were filled in. In this case, from what I understabbs is alleged, the machines should have rejected them and allowed another chance to vote for 3 candidates. A recount would not allow those votes to count because too many candidates were chosen on those ballots and it would not be possible to know who the person’s top 3 would be.

  4. Thanks for the great info Charlie. This is very upsetting and looking at what’s happening in Virginia right where every vote truly counts it’s a shame we may have a candidate who did not really win. Is there any way to petition our local government to see if Mrs. Tripler actually won this election? Personally, I’m tired of our voices not being heard and the dark cloud now cast on this very close election puts a dark cloud over the entire term of the SC.

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