8 thoughts on “Town Wants to Know What Changes You’d Make to Streets in Your Neighborhood

  1. Speed bumps on Edwards Road. Many people use it as a Cutthrough and 50 miles an hour by my house is not uncommon. Sometimes much faster

  2. Pave the streets! So many are in poor condition that I ride my mountain bike for fear that I would blow a tire on my road bike! And granite curbs so that cars park uniformly and children know where the sidewalk ends.

  3. Take a look at arsenal st.theroad keeps getting smaller.there will be massive backups as Athena health employees enter and leave the new garage.very poor planning snd the town has done nothing.we have very poor leadership in the town council. We new representation Steve Magoon should be canned

  4. Pave streets! Better for cars and bikes. Having to ride a bike while dodging potholes means I’m in and out of the travel lane with cars. NOT SAFE!

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