Police Log: Woman Faces OUI Charge After Drives Off Road, Deer Statue Stolen Off Lawn

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The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department.


Dec. 18, 12:22 a.m.: An officer patrolling in Watertown Square spotted a vehicle with a tail light out. The driver was pulled over and police discovered that the man had two warrants. The 24-year-old Jamaica Plain man was arrested on the warrants from West Roxbury District Court and from Dedham District Court and was cited for the equipment violation.

Dec. 18, 11:37 a.m.: Target security spotted a woman putting items into a carriage and push it out the door without paying. She was stopped in the parking lot and argued with the security guards. She had $524.74 in items, including toys, clothing and storage containers. Security recognized the woman from an incident on Dec. 14 when she also pushed a carriage out the door without paying. That day she had $556.04 in merchandise in the carriage and she was also wearing items she put on in the store for which she had not paid. The 36-year-old Dorchester woman was arrested on two counts of larceny over $250.

Dec. 20, 12:39 p.m.: An officer on Arlington Street spotted a vehicle having mechanical troubles. The driver put the hazard lights on and pulled over. The officer ran a routine query on the driver and found he had a warrant for his arrest. The 34-year-old Wellesley Hills man was arrested on the warrant from Lowell District Court for driving with a suspended license.

Dec. 24, 8:35 p.m.: A vehicle drove off the road on School Street, struck a tree and then hit a car parked in a driveway. A witness saw the Honda CR-V driving at a high rate of speed northbound on School Street when it lost control. When officers arrived at the scene they spoke with the woman driving and she was stuttering her words and appeared to be intoxicated. She was taken to Mt. Auburn Hospital to treat her injuries. Police accompanied her and placed the 56-year-old Belmont woman under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol – a second offense, and speeding.


Dec. 18, 7:58 p.m.: A driver was trying to make a left on Mt. Auburn Street onto School Street and was struck from behind. The driver turned onto School Street and pulled over to exchange information with the other driver. However, the other vehicle continued on Mt. Auburn Street toward Watertown Square. The first driver attempted to get information on the other vehicle, and got the first three letters of the license place – 21W – and the fourth character may have been a G. The driver’s vehicle sustained minor damage.

Dec. 20, 7:41 a.m.: A Bacon Street resident heard a noise and went out to see utility wires on the ground, having been pulled off a home and and landed on a 2010 Volkswagen. The passenger side window was damaged. The resident heard a noise around 7:30 a.m. and said it sounded like a truck driving by. There were no injuries and Eversource came to repair the damage.

Dec. 23, 9:58 a.m.: A Sycamore Street resident had a large deer on his lawn and on the night of Dec. 22 to the 23rd it was taken off his side yard lawn. The deer is life sized and was mounted on concrete foundations. All that was left was one hoof. The value of the statue is $400. The incident is under investigation.

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4 thoughts on “Police Log: Woman Faces OUI Charge After Drives Off Road, Deer Statue Stolen Off Lawn

  1. The missing Elk is interesting.

    I wonder if the police have already looked at the house very close by with the 15+ college students living in it. This particular property normally has 4 cars parked on the front lawn and another 6 in the driveway.

    • Is it a crime to be a college student in an area with 10 colleges within 10 miles of each other? I wonder if the police interviewed all the women over 40, considering one hit a tree and a parked car recently.

    • Dear H2o mom, after I’ve been advised to get lost during one of my visits to H2Otown I went hiking on the nearby trails. So, I concluded that you should be glad you have only incidents with species within the deer family because the nearby WPD has more of the “car vs dear” crashes and another nearby WPD, despite many black bears sightings, had a very freak deer-hit-by-car accident (exactly before I wanted to hike on that road….). On the other hand, unless the missing elk was made of a rare type of composite material, I guess the pointed college students should not be persons of interest [the MIT hacks are pretty public thus easy to identify]. Best wishes & drive safe!!

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