Town Councilors, School Committee Members Get Subcommittee Assignments

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With the new term starting for the Town Council and School Committee, both boards elected their officers and announced committee assignments during their first meeting in January.

The Town Council unanimously approved District C Councilor Vincent Piccirilli to another term as Vice President at the Jan. 9 meeting.

On Jan. 8, the School Committee voted to appoint John Portz to another two years as Chairman. Kendra Foley was approved as Vice Chairman for another term, and newly elected Amy Donohue was approved as Secretary.

Town Council President Mark Sideris announced the committee assignments for the next two years.

Town Council Committee Assignments

(First name Chair, second name Vice Chair, third name Secretary)

Budget and Fiscal Oversight – Vincent Piccirilli, Angeline Kounelis, Ken Woodland

Rules and Ordinances – Anthony Donato, Woodland, Lisa Feltner

Economic Development & Planning – Woodland, Feltner, Piccirilli

Education & School System Matters – Michael Dattoli, Donato, Caroline Bays

Human Services – Anthony Palomba, Bays, Dattoli

Personnel & Town Organization – Bays, Dattoli, Kounelis

Public Safety – Feltner, Piccirilli, Palomba

Public Works – Piccirilli, Palomoba, Woodland

State Federal & Regional Government – Kounelis, Feltner, Donato

Town Council President Mark Sideris also announced that he will be creating a new Ad Hoc Committee on Media & Outreach. He is seeking members and will name the committee members at a later meeting. In addition, he announced that the Ad Hoc Transportation and Ad Hoc Information Technology committees will be disbanded.

Portz announced the School Committee subcommittee assignments for the next two years.

School Committee Subcommittee Assignments

(First name Chair, second name Vice Chair, third name Secretary)

Budget & Finance – Kendra Foley, Lindsay Mosca, John Portz

Buildings & Grounds – Lily Rayman-Read, Amy Donohue, Eileen Hsu-Balzer

Policy – Hsu-Balzer, Donohue, Mosca

Athletics – Donohue, Rayman-Read, Foley

Curriculum – Mosca, Rayman-Read, Foley

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