12 thoughts on “Arsenal St. Utility Poles Replaced, Crews Working to Put Wires Up

  1. I am no expert regarding leaning utility poles but I just cannot believe that a leaning pole is as strong as a straight one especially if the cause of the leaning is due to the weight of the wires and cables placed on them. Even if I am wrong on this they are a blight on our town and should be replaced within some specified timeline.

    • I’ve seen poles worse than that around here all the time, some supported, some unsupported. I’m sure we’ve all seen the tried and true fix/solution of placing a second shorter pole next to the leaning one, and then bolting them together with a piece of lumber. I’m reasonably certain that I read somewhere that this band-aid of a solution was frowned upon by the town, and the utility company’s were notified to correct the situation, and yet, nothing has been done and they’ve remained like that for years.

  2. How about the pole right at the corner where Bailey Road turns into Bellevue Avenue? It is broken, and is being held together by a “splint” bolted to it — and the splint is also cracking!

  3. This town has talked about putting the utilities on Arsenal St underground for years. They have deemed it too expensive. However, it’s hard to believe that with the millions of dollars in development on Arsenal St, that we couldn’t have negotiated with these projects to get the utilities buried. Another missed opportunity by an inadequately prepared government. But nobody seems to want to talk about the obvious.
    OK, let’s look at that block: the sidewalk bump-out was badly installed so that anyone taking a left turn on Louise blocks traffic behind them; the parking was removed for the businesses creating a problem for them; the parking lines across the street are not ADA compliant, so the one handicapped spot doesn’t have enough space; and no one except Councilor Feltner has taken a look at the awful signage all up and down that street (old signs not removed; new ones put up that now contradict old ones; signs that are just wrong, etc). She has not been able to get anywhere on it. But no one wants to go up against the holy unelected triumvirate running the town.

    • The Town really fumbled the ball on this one, either through the approval process, and/or lack of oversight during the construction phase’s…

      Previous article outlining the work being done on Arsenal St./Louise St.

      The construction on and around activity Louise St. is a disgrace. It’s been going on since sometime last summer, and from what I understand, is 2 months behind schedule and is still not completed. The sidewalk bump-out you refer to is evidence of incompetence and poor decision making brought about by acquiescing to the demands of the poor neglected “biking community”, and they still want more, which the town council will be more than willing to give them. Think it’s bad now, just wait until the Mt. Auburn St. project gets underway.

      On a slightly different note, does anyone know if there are traffic cameras in place along that stretch of Arsenal St. perhaps one on the new traffic signals in front of ‘The Gables’? If so, I’m certain the public would be interested in seeing any video footage that might have been recorded of what transpired during the event.

      • David, don’t blame bad design and execution on the biking community. That’s on the town. Bike safety is essential as many more folks use bicycles for basic transportation. But bad design and execution is not limited to bike facilities in Watertown. Examples abound. The blame lies with the town.

    • Marcia, you are quite right. With all of the building going on, the utilities should have been buried. And much of the “mitigation” has been done badly. The town has to take the blame for that.

  4. Will our Town Council Members pressure Eversource or whoever is in control to fix these unsightly, dangerous poles or does someone have to die first? We are paying really really high taxes here and that’s the least we can expect for goodness sake! Why have leaning poles, they are dangerous not to mention ugly.

  5. The extra cables are not from Eversource, Verizon or National Grid.
    Our power came back on immediately after the poles fell but all who had Comcast lost their cable & internet. I’m live right down the street & have seen strange trucks some red some white with different logos on them putting up big black cables &taping them they are not the companies I mentioned above, I never heard of them. The poles that fell have been tilted over for a long time, I often wondered why they never tipoed over.

  6. If they moved old poles during the road and sidewalk work, that was just a stupid decision. They should have put in all new poles as these poles degrade over time and moving something old just accelerates the process. I’d expect everyone to be pointing fingers at each other if a proper investigation takes place. This event should never have happened to be begin with.

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