4 thoughts on “School Committee Passes Resolution Calling for Gun Safety, More Mental Health Services

  1. I’d like to know where these people get their information from, apparently they’re unaware that MA has prohibited firearms in schools since at least 1998 (and that
    includes colleges and universities as well). Furthermore, MA already has one of
    the most stringent, and thorough background check procedures in the country.

    Waiting periods? MA already has a de facto waiting period, it’s called an FID or
    LTC, and the waiting time to obtain one can take as long as 6 months or more
    in some communities.

    The sale of “assault-style weapons” and “high-capacity magazines or clips” has also
    been tightly regulated and/or banned since that same year, and which has been
    banned entirely since 07/20/16 due to a highly questionable edict from the AG’s office.

    But anyhow, there is one suggestion I’d like to make… include firearms safety and awareness education as part of the school curriculum at an early age. Children,
    kids need to know that ANY type of firearm demands a whole lot of respect and caution. I’d highly recommend the ‘NRA’s Eddie Eagle’ program to fulfill that niche
    https://eddieeagle.nra.org but who am I kidding, the education system here would
    never allow it.

  2. Thanks to the School Committee for taking a stand and supporting gun safety and mental health services. It is a valuable lesson for our students here in town. And Massachusetts’ regulations demand further conversation along with those of the cities and towns, all in support of gun safety. I hope the schools are managing to teach critical thinking from the earliest ages through high school–the only way to stand up to fake news. How can we teach kids to have fun without killing in video games and the resultant idealization of weapons and numbing to violence? Let’s make it easy for high school students to register to vote and pre-register to vote if their birthdays will fall on, or before election day this year. I will be there to support our WHS students as they stand for gun safety March 14 at 10AM for 17 minutes to honor those who died at Parkland. We will also register voters there.

  3. This is how the school committee uses time! Use time to give reasons for state police bringing a part of the group into custody. Search warrants and taking away computers is a Watertown problem. Deal with this problem!

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