Four Face Charges After Teenagers Brawl on Street in Watertown

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Photo by Alejandro Mejía Greene/JubiloHaku via Flickr Creative Commons

A disagreement got out of hand and a group of teens and young 20-somethings got into a massive fight, which sent two to the hospital. Four of those involved face criminal charges. 

On March 19 at 2 a.m. a Watertown Police officer was flagged down on Belmont Street near St. Patrick’s Cemetery by a man who said he was jumped by a group of people who were seen running down Ralph Street. At the same time police received 911 calls reporting a fight in the same area.

Four people in their late teens were located and they said that they had been attacked by another group of teens. One girl had an injury on the side of her head and another thought that her shoulder had been dislocated, said Watertown Police Lt. James O’Connor.

Police quickly determined there had been an argument and an altercation. Both sides agreed that they had at Dunkin’ Donuts on Main Street during the day on March 20 because someone owned another person $5, but police suspect the disagreement was over other issues, t00. An argument started, but did not get physical.

Later in the day, the two groups began texting and met up to “end the argument” at Belmont and Ralph streets. In all there were nine people involved who were from Watertown, Newton and one from Framingham.

“Again an argument began and it escalated into a physical altercations,” O’Connor said.

Two young women who were having the disagreement began to fight and others joined in, O’Connor said.

“One (female) said she was struck by a blunt object,” O’Connor said.

Officers found a butane torch was found in the area. The woman’s head was cut and she went to hospital where she received five stitches and one staple, O’Connor said. The woman who thought she had dislocated her shoulder was also taken to hospital for treatment.

Another young woman was accused of stabbing someone in the pinky finger with a sharp object. The injury was not serious.

Also during the fight a young man allegedly pulled a switchblade knife and said, “do you want to get killed?” to another young man involved in the incident. No knife was recovered.

Police issued a warrant for Devlynne Loder, 18, of Watertown, for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for allegedly stabbing someone in the pinky. She was arrested at 8:50 p.m. on March 19.

Another warrant was issued for 22-year-old Shawn Cryts of Newton for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for allegedly striking someone with the butane torch. He was arrested by Newton Police on March 19 shortly after 11 p.m.

Police arrested Armondo Ramon Fernandez-Schliesske, 19, of Framingham, was arrested at the corner of Main Street and Lexington Street on a warrant of assault with a dangerous weapon for allegedly pulling a switchblade. He was taken into custody on March 21 at 9:29 p.m.

Also, an 18-year-old woman from Newton was summonsed to Waltham District Court for assault and battery with bodily injury.

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