Town Council Approves Funding to Renovate North Fire Station

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The Town Council approved the funds needed to make some major renovations to the North Fire Station to modernize it for the firefighters who live and work there. 

The facility on Orchard Street, also known as Station 3, has five firefighters assigned to it, and runs the Watertown Fire Department’s Engine 1 an Rescue 1 ambulance. The Council approved $1.242 million for the renovations, which will replace or modernize the systems in the building, said Provisional Fire Chief Bob Quinn.

“These are long overdue improvements to Station 3,” Quinn said.

While there have been some work to the roof within the last couple years and to the floor in 1998, but Quinn said some of the systems are very old.

“We will get rid of the old steam radiators and replace them with new heated fin tubes,” Quinn said.

The major parts of the renovation are: a new boiler system, all of the electrical panels will be replaced and updated, new water heaters, new sump pumps, new fire alarm system and new rooftop HVAC units. Also, all the windows will be replaced, bricks will be replaced, and all the wood will be repainted.

In addition the bathroom upstairs will be renovated so that there are facilities for female firefighters, which do not currently exist. Also upstairs, there will be new carpeting, new light fixtures and new ceilings in the common areas, Quinn said.

Downstairs, there will be new waterproofing for the apparatus bay floor, replacement of all CO evacuation units, new heating units for the vehicles and installation of bollards in front of the apparatus bay doors

In the basement there will be improvements to the electrical system, which has had a lot of issues over the years, Quinn said, and the area will be repainted. In addition, the workout room will get improvements including a new heating unit and a new air condensing unit.

“There are a lot of good things here that will make the quarters better for all the firefighters who live and work out of it each and everyday,” Quinn said. “We really appreciate the Council moving it forward.”

The money for the work will be bonded over 10 years, said Town Manager Michael Driscoll.

The Council voted 9-0 to approve the funding.

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