5 thoughts on “See the Latest Designs for Mt. Auburn Street at Meeting Hosted by DPW

  1. Dear Watertown town councilors:

    Instead of redesigning streets, has it ever occurred to you to first fix the potholes, cracks, bumps, and other problems that are ruining cars that drive on your streets?

  2. I wonder if the DPW could respond to this point by explaining the prioritizing method that is used in determining what work goes first. I have looked at the DPW website and I could not understand this.

  3. Having recently looked at the proposed changes I am deeply disappointed that there is no well defined problem that you are trying to solve with this proposed solution.
    It seems to me that if the problem is that during rush hour there are too many vehicles trying to use a resource that is limited in capability to accommodate the demand, then taking traffic flow from cars and giving it to busses is not a reasonable solution.
    If you have only one tube and it is not big enough for what you want to move through it then you must use an additional tube.
    It seems to me we need to replace the busses with a subway system.
    All of this lane stealing from cars and trucks to give priority to busses is a short sighted waste of time and $
    Let’s think long term.
    Plan like we are a great society then we will be a great society.
    Plan for the long term.
    In the short term, Do what they do in many other places, have the bike lanes as part of the sidewalks (slightly wider sidewalks, no useless & unsightly grass strip), parked cars next to that like they are already and continue to share traffic lanes equally until a subway is built.

  4. Another bone headed Watertown idea for this street as only Watertown could come up with. Namely, once again narrowing a two lane road down to one to accommodate all 10 cyclists a day that would use it. Skip “inclusiveness” for practically.

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