Town Water and Sewer Bills Include Incorrect Charges, To be Resent

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Town officials announced that the latest batch of Water/Sewer bills included an incorrect charge on them, and a corrected bill will be resent. 

The error was due to an error made when inputing the dates for the interest, according to a memo from Department of Public Works Superintendent Gerald Mee.

Residents who paid the incorrect amount will have the extra charge credited toward their next bill.

The town sent out the following announcement:

The quarterly water and sewer bills dated May, 30, 2018 with a due date June 29, 2018 included an incorrect interest charge. Please be advised that no incorrect interest charges were ever applied to those accounts but were unfortunately printed on the bill.

A corrected bill is being mailed which properly reflects the current interest charges, if any. If any bill payment was made that included the incorrect interest charge displayed on the May 30, 2018 bill, a credit has already been applied to those accounts. We sincerely apologize for the confusion. Please call (617) 972- 6453 with any questions or concerns.

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