4 thoughts on “Reduced Number of Apartments in Morse St. Project Pleases Planning Board

  1. That is one ugly building. What’s happened to all the good architects? Too bad it’s so close to the street, but less apartments is better for the neighborhood.

  2. The nod to the traditional (in New England) mansard roof is a nice touch, but the building needs more architectural detail to make it look more attractive. The faces of the building are pretty blank and banal. The residents of the area deserve something better to look at, and a prettier building will only increase its appeal in the marketplace.

  3. Why would anyone want to have their windows right up to the sidewalk?
    Existing building or no. If it were me I would want to take the opportunity to pull it back.
    Or turn it into a proper glass front on business on the bottom and recess the top floors back.
    Quite unattractive as it’s shown.

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