‘Equalizer 2’ Actor Also Appearing on Watertown Cable Show

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Actor and boxer Kazy Tauginas is in the movie "Equalizer 2," but he can also be seen on Watertown Cable's "Drawing With Fred."


Actor and boxer Kazy Tauginas is in the movie “Equalizer 2,” but he can also be seen on Watertown Cable’s “Drawing With Fred.”

Watertown Cable host Fred Grandinetti has an eye for talent. He has had some actors who have gone on to the big screen to be guests on his show, Drawing With Fred.

Grandinetti announced that award winning actor, Kazy Tauginas — who can be seen in the new movie Equalizer 2  — will appear on Drawing With Fred which airs on The Watertown Channel. Tauginas, a professional boxer, spars with a partner and quickly swallows a can of spinach to introduce a Popeye cartoon.

Taugnias stars, and wrote the screenplay, for the award winning film Standing Eight. The movie deals with a boxer who develops lupus. Among the film’s awards include; Best Short Film – European Cinematography Awards, Best Local New Jersey Short Film – Rahway International Film Festival and Best Actor – Brightside Tavern Film Festival.

In Equalizer 2 he a plays the role of Ari. Drawing with Fred can be seen each week on The Watertown Channel. The episodes featuring Tauginas will likely start airing in August. Tauginas web site is http://kazytauginas.com/

Equalizer 2 opens on July 20, 2018.

Earlier this year, Grandinetti had Cuyle Carvin on Drawing with Fred. Carvin has appeared in multiple TV shows, as well as the Tom Cruise movie American Made.

Watertown Cable Host Adds a Touch of Hollywood to His Show

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