Police Respond to Suicide at Watertown Cemetery

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Photo by Alejandro Mejía Greene/JubiloHaku via Flickr Creative Commons

Watertown Police responded to a death at a Westside cemetery on Thursday morning, and have ruled the incident a suicide.

A resident walking a dog spotted the body in the Ridgelawn Cemetery, near the fence separating the cemetery from the Cunniff School. Police were alerted at about 6 a.m., said Watertown Police Lt. James O’Connor.

The adult male had been there a few hours, police estimate, when he was found.

It took several hours for Watertown Police to identify the man, O’Connor said. Now police are attempting to get in touch with family to notify them of the man’s death, but the family lives overseas.

Police did not release any further details.

9 thoughts on “Police Respond to Suicide at Watertown Cemetery

  1. Charlie,

    Out of respect for the grieving family pleaee do not post his name if and when it becomes known. Suicide is a very tragic thing and most families will want privacy.

    • The name is public information. It can and must be posted. The poor man is already dead anyway. So tragic to hear this. RIP.

  2. Why the commentary. It was a situation that was handled by our fine men in blue and the FD also. Let’s just leave it at that. OK all you snowflakes? Next you’ll all be telling our First Responders how to do their jobs? That’s why they’re now called First Responders (both PD and FD) because it’s whoever gets there first.

  3. Yes, the fire department would have to be called in order to determine if the person was a viable patient or if it were to be referred as a police matter (too late to save). From there the medical examiner would be called to the scene while the investigation was ongoing.

  4. So many armchair first responders here. Get out of your air-conditioned bedrooms on your lumbar chair and serve your communities before telling those who do how to do their jobs.

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