Driver Pulled Over for Texting Gets Busted Drug Possession, Dealing

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A Waltham man is paying a big price for texting while driving. When he was pulled over in Watertown, police discovered drugs, cash and items used by drug dealers.

On Aug. 9, at 7:38 p.m., a police officer spotted a driver run a stop sign on Bridge Street near Bemis Park, and noticed the driver was texting while driving.

After pulling the vehicle over, Police spoke to the driver — later identified as Andrew Lam of Waltham — and discovered he did not have a driver’s license, and he also was holding a small zip lock bag containing a white powder. The man admitted it was heroin.

Police searched the vehicle and found more items that could be used to deal drugs: two digital scales with white powder on them, collaborated weights for the scales, more zip lock baggies, and another bag containing what Police believe contained fentanyl. They also found cash.

The items were seized and police were able to analyze the substances taken from the car with the WPD’s TruNarc machine and got presumptive positive results for fentanyl and cocaine.

Police arrested Andrew Mac Lam, 29, of Waltham, was arrested on charges of possession to distribute cocaine; possession of a Class A drug; possession of a Class C drug; driving with a license suspended for an OUI; driving with a suspended license — a subsequent offense; composing, reading or sending an electronic message while operating a motor vehicle; and failing to stop.

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